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Using Colors
Whenever you can, let your child the chance to play with colors. If they use crayons, finger paints, colored tissue paper, or markers, this opportunity to become creative is useful for your youngster.
Most children get more info effectively, and prefer to find out, by doing. Pointing with a red swatch and repeating the term \"red\" grows boring quite fast - especially for a child. Hands-on learning tends to make the best impression and children retain much more of what they have learned in this manner.
Activity suggestions:
• Provide your child red, yellow, and blue finger paints. Permit them mix colors to determine the \"magic\" of creating new colors!
• Have your child draw a tree trunk on the large sheet of while paper. Tear up small bits of colored tissue paper \"leaves\" (you will want to do this ahead or risk finding yourself with rather large leaves and a big mess), and enable your child to connect the countless colored leaves onto their nursery rhymes tree.
• Make homemade play dough by mixing ½ cup salt, ½ cup water, 1 cup flour, and food dye. Enable your child to assist you pick the colors. This is an easy recipe, therefore color-mixing is about the agenda, permit them to do it now! You possibly can make a new batch of basic colors quickly.
• Crayons and water colors also offer great color play and mixing opportunities. Allow kids to discover! Even if they have a brown mess, they`ll be curious concerning the way they arrived and likely want to try again!
With learning colors, hands-on-learning enables creativity, critical thinking (when mixing colors), great enjoyment, along with a feeling of achievement. Their final products ought to be praised and all sorts of efforts recognized with approval.
Art therapists use colors to aid children express their feelings through colors. A lot of things affect colors, including culture as well as what exactly is available at time the kid is creating their picture.
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